Perma-Fix Industry Leading Research and Development

Perma-Fix has a long history of research and development. In the past, much of the focus has been on developing solutions to customer related issues and treatment processes for dificult to manage waste streams. As a result of this R&D, Perma-Fix has developed a resin technology with applications in the medical, environmental, and energy sectors that represent enormous promise and market potential.

One of Perma-Fix’s key strengths is chemistry and regulatory compliance. R&D is a core Perma-Fix capability and a differentiator among competitors. R&D activities historically supported regulatory compliance and achieving waste treatment standards. These activities have resulted in over 40 patents.

Notable Intellectual Property, Patents and Licenses developed by the Perma-Fix R&D Program related to the production of Tc-99, for medical applications Include:

  • License agreement with Battelle and with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) of the U.S. Department of Energy for Mo-99 production methodology.
  • Battelle / PNNL / Perma-Fix process patents filed:
    • US Application 2012/0106691 A1 “Method and System of Isotope Generation”
    • PNNL Invention Report 30115. Use of TRIGA reactors for 99Mo/Target Designs for Increasing 99Mo Activity in a Research Reactor
    • PNNL Invention Report 16819-E Cold Isostatic Pressing of Molybdenum for Medical Isotope Production
    • PNNL Invention Report 30114-E, Automating 99mTc recovery using the Automated MicroFluidic System (AMS)
  • “Composition of Matter and Use patent” originally filed 3/17/2011; amended and amplified in application dated 3/19/2012